Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


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The carnival and concessions are set up in Kewanee's downtown area and, in effect, become the heart of the Hog Days celebration. 

The four block area is bounded by Main, Second and Chestnut Streets and the BNSF railroad tracks.

It's from here that the main pork chop pits are set up (chops are also grilled on pits set up in West Park at the Flea Market)...the main stage for the various entertainment acts is located here...and it's a good central point to meet friends and family before launching off in any direction for MORE Hog Days activities throughout the Kewanee area!

The carnival rides and concessions are provided by C.D.A.C Inc. of Peoria, Illinois.  The rides and amusements are very family-friendly and provide safe and wholesome fun for everyone. In 2013, C.D.A.C added a new attraction...the tallest portable Ferris Wheel in the United States.  There are only 4 in America and one of them has a home at Hog Days over Labor Day weekend.  Towering over everything at over 66 feet, the giant Wheel was a hit with everyone as you can see in the video above.

Numerous private food booths are also set up in the carnival/concession area with space allocated by the Hog Festival Committee. The main goal is to provide as much variety as possible.

More information on securing space is available from our concessions chairperson Kaye Finney. Go to the Contact Us page for Kaye's Email or Phone. You can view and download the Concessionaire rules, fee schedule, application forms (5 pages total) here.


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